Best Joshua Maponga Motivational Quotes

We know Joshua Maponga is a popular motivational speaker and people love their Motivational Quotes. So here we collect the best Joshua Maponga Quotes for you. I hope you like all these life-inspiring quotes.

Joshua Maponga Motivational Quotes

Whoever controls what you and think, control how you behave.

Information informs your voice and create your material. Those who have not seen much with their mind, cannot say much with their voices.

Poverty robs the masses of spiritual decisions and leaves people gullible to charlatan religious thieves.

There is No Glory in Memorizing other People’s History Except for Military Strategies. Write your oral tradition & educate you about you. Don’t cry for Jesus…
Cry for yourselves and your children!

Welcome to my world …
We don’t think in the box or outside of the box… Burn the damn box and think!!

Never share your dreams and hopes with people who doubt your potential and have no ability to think beyond limitations. Those who have made it big were told that it’s impossible.

Place yourself in a strategic position where grace can find you.

You can never judge how a person you have abused must react to your abuse.

You can’t be an abuser and be a judge of the same abuser again.

The quality of your information and questions determines the quality of your arguments!

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